Collaborating to make traumatic stress research data “FAIR”

Theme leader: Nancy Kassam-Adams
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The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data stewardship state that data should be Findable, Accessible, Inter-operable, and Re-usable (FAIR). These principles are part of the growing movement toward more open and transparent science.  Making traumatic stress research data more FAIR can promote better science, enhance understanding of trauma impact and recovery, and ultimately benefit trauma-exposed individuals and communities around the world.  But to date most traumatic stress studies have not been designed with data preservation, sharing, or re-use in mind. See also Kassam-Adams & Olff (2020). Projects in this theme will create resources that can facilitate FAIR data across the field of traumatic stress studies.


1. FINDABLE TRAUMA DATA: Can we make traumatic stress data more findable?

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(Project leaders: Yaara Sadeh and Anna Denejkina)

Available FAIR traumatic stress data sets can be found here.

2. REUSABLE TRAUMA DATA: “Sharing data is not enough - data need to tell their stories.” Reusability depends on ....

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(Project leaders: Nancy Kassam-Adams and Maya O’Neil)

3. CHILD TRAUMA DATA: An international collaborative group of investigators has created ....

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(Project leader: Nancy Kassam-Adams)

4. TRAUMATIC GRIEF DATA: This project will focus on building an archive for data on adult and childhood grief after traumatic and nontraumatic loss. ....

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(Project leader: Paul Boelen)

5. TOOLKIT FOR FAIR TRAUMATIC STRESS DATA: This project aims to make available a toolkit of resources that can help traumatic stress researchers create datasets that are more FAIR.  ....

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(Project leader: Talya Greene)


If you are a traumatic stress researcher at any career stage (including trainees) we invite you to share your opinions and experiences by participating in this survey:

International Survey on Data Sharing and Re-use in Traumatic Stress Research


Kassam-Adams, N & Olff M (2020). Embracing data preservation, sharing, and re-use in traumatic stress research. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 11 (1).